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July 3, 4 & 5, 2012, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island


Aim:                       To do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Theme:                  The difference we make today counts in all our tomorrows.

Honour Stations:      ELECTA: Mothers station of charity and hospitality

                             ORGANIST:         All things are better with music and harmony

Emblems:               The Cup and the Lyre


Symbol:     The INUKSHUK (IN-OOK-SHOOK) – a timeless symbol of our close connection with the earth,        originally built by the Inuit in the far North.  It is the result of a consensus of purpose:  a focused action by a group united in its goal and labour.  It recognizes our ability to succeed with others, where we would fail alone.  Each stone is carefully placed so that it will be part of a total structure.  No one is more important than the other, each necessary to all the others!


Fun Symbols:     WGM - Kitty Cats & Rocking Chairs

                       WGP – Puppy Dogs & Remote Controls


WGM Motto:     Learn from yesterday, Live for today, Laugh at yourself, and Love with all your heart.


WGP Motto:      Look at Life through a windshield, not a rear view mirror.


Watchwords:     LEARN, LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE


Special Project: CAMP TRIUMPH


Heart-to-Heart Project:

Donate time to help build good readers (with local schools, libraries, children or grandchildren) Donate time to write letters/cards for our senior members/relatives Each Chapter Electa will calculate amount of time involved and send information to Grand Electa, who will report at Grand Chapter. All NEW stuffed Kitty Cats and Puppy Dogs given  to the WGM or WGP will be donated to member of Protection Services to be distributed to Children found in distressing circumstances.


Flowers:         Lily of the Valley & Forget-me-nots


Colors:           Blue (for our sky and water), Green (for our earth), and Purple


Scriptures:      WGM - 1 Corinthians 16: 14 “Let all that you do be done in Love.” NRSV

WGP - Isaiah 6: 8 "Also I heard the voice of the Loard saying; Whom shall I send

          and who will go for us? Then I said, "here I am, send me." NRSV




This year of the Grand Chapter of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, and the 65th “Reflections of Love and Music” Session is lovingly dedicated to:

The memory of the parents of both the WGM and WGP, J. Bertram & Gladys H. Larkin and Edwin & Bernice Lipskey, all long time members of the Order of the Eastern Star.  Jane’s Mom was a fine example of the lessons taught by Electa, and guided her to appreciate Eastern Star work and how music can enhance our meetings.  Her Dad encouraged her to memorize, and gave her the necessary Masonic affiliation to become a member as soon as she was old enough.  They were faithful members of Crystal Chapter # 1 (PEI).  Fred’s Mom and Dad were installed as Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron of Ruth Chapter # 26 in London, Ontario when his Dad returned from World War II, in 1945.  He served as Organist a number of times in that Chapter, and at other Ontario Eastern Star events.


Jane’s husband Donnie, who although not a member, gave his full support, and shared his talents; and Fred’s wife Peg, who has been a great support to both of us.


The members of Crystal Chapter # 1(PEI), and Laurel Chapter # 67, for all their efforts on our behalf, and to the members of both Regent Chapter # 52, and Montague Chapter # 69 for their love and support; and the members of the Grand Jurisdiction of Saskatchewan where Brother Fred was initiated and started his Eastern Star journey.


Our Forget-Me-Nots:  Those faithful members of all our Chapters who regularly attend the meetings even though they do not hold an office.


                                   Musical Selections: 


                                WGM                                                                                                    WGP     


                        Reach Out in Love                                                                            You Raise Me Up

                        I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing                                                      Down To The River To Pray

                        God Who Made the Earth                                                                   The River

                        In My Heart There Rings a Melody                                                       Eternal Father Strong To Save

                        This is My Father’s World                                                                   He Ain’t Heavy

                        Love Lifted Me                                                                                 The Other Side

                        Beautiful Star of Bethlehem                                                               Everything Old Is New Again

                        When Kitty Eyes Are Smiling                                                              Come and Find the Quiet Centre

                                                                                                                             Come to My Heart

                                                                                                                             Make Me a Channel of Your Peace

                                                                                                                             Doggie In The Window










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