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The sixty-sixth Annual Session of the

Grand Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star


Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island,


July 14, 15 & 16, 2014


Stellarton, Nova Scotia


Grand Secretary, Sister Diane Hayman
Box 853, Westville, NS

 B0K 2AO 

(902) 396-5606


Dedication:     The Garden of Love Session is dedicated to my parents; Aunts - Sis.Ella Murray & Sis Leta Snair;      Sis Dora, PGM & Bro Chester, PGP Turnbull(WM & WP who initiated me); Sis Lois Sample,PM who was a Special Star; Sis Helen Connors, PGM my Eastern Star Mom;Sis Violet Blair, PGM my 1st WGM; my Family who always stand by me especially Bro Allen who is my life; my chapters Harmony #25 & Century # 10 & their members, your encouragement gave me the courage needed to start this journey;& lastly you, my Star Family, have been awesome. Your love, support & assistance made this happen. I love you all.

                              Our session is also dedicated to Sis Florence & Bro Jack Campbell; Lawrin Armstrong, PGP; and my Family, especially Sis DiAnne.

Theme:             Learn from the past as we plan for the future.

Motto:               Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Aim:                  Spread Love, Peace & Harmony to all those we touch.

Honor Station: Adah (WGM first star point & in honor of her daughters)

                                Esther (in memory of Ella Murray long time Esther & Aunt of the WGM)

                                Chaplain (station to which Sis Belle appointed our WGP)

Emblems:          Sword & Veil

                                  Crown & Sceptre

                                  Open Bible

Scriptures:        WGM-Matt. 12:7

                                 WGP- Psalms 23 &133

Watchwords:    Faith, Hope, Charity, Harmony, love

Flowers:           WGM - all flowers

                                WGP - Day Lilies

Birds:               WGM - Peacock

                               WGP - Eagle

Special Project:  Breakfast for Learning

                                    Nickels for Nutrition(chapter project only)

Grand Chapter:   Flag Pins

Colors:                 Shades of Blue, Green, Purple

Pillow Slip Dresses: For 3rd World Children

Fun Symbols:           WGM - Elephant

                                           WGP - Lion

Music:             WGM - Halleluia

                                           Faith, Hope & Charity

                                           No matter what

                                           I have a dream

                                           Let there be love

                                           Baby elephant walk

                                 WGP: Lord of the dance

                                            Wind beneath my wings

                                            The lion sleeps tonight

                                            The Lord is my Shepherd



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